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Optical Fiber Services

Traditional copper cables transmits electrical currents, while fibre optic cable sends pulses of light generated by a light emitting diode or laser along optical fibres. "In either cases the technology is detecting changes in energy, and that's how the encode and the decode is done". With copper wires you're looking at changes in the electromagnetic field, the intensity of that field and perhaps the phase of the wave being sent on a wire. With the fibre optics technology, a transmitter convert's electronic information into pulses of light .A pulse equates to a one, while no pulse is zero. When the signal reaches the other end, an optical receiver converts the light signal back into electronic information. The throughput of the data is determined by the frequency range that a cable will carry. The higher the frequency range, the greater the bandwidth and the more data that can be put through per unit time.

Trenching and Laying Services

Our firm holds immense expertise in offering Trenching and Laying Services. Our services are extensively appreciated for their efficient working, reliability, timeliness, and cost effectiveness. We have a team of highly experienced and dedicated staff members, who enable us to execute the whole operations within the promised time frame.

Cable Splicing Services

Our clients can avail Cable Splicing Services from us, which are planned and executed by our skilled and dedicated staff members. Our technicians utilize the best components and sophisticated technology machines in rendering these services. Our reasonably priced and authentic services are offered as per the diverse requirements and demands of the clients within the promised time frame.